Tumalo Falls – Bend, OR

July 21, 2016

Twelve miles out of town is Tumalo Falls.  Anyone can experience the beauty that this place has to offer as this is the view from the bridge you drive over to get to the parking lot. It’s then a short .25 mile hike up to the viewing point of the 97′ ft waterfall.  There is a hidden path that takes you to the bottom of the falls. It’s nice on a hot day.



After the falls you have the choice of hiking further on a well maintained path that is an easy/moderate hike.  There is also mountain biking along here so share the path, it’s busy. The path is beautiful.  You are walking through the woods, with large pine trees, numerous waterfalls and the smell of nature. There is endless hiking and biking and a lot of spots for a picnic.


We loved this hike with the dogs as there was ample amounts of water for them and it was shaded. We started later in the day and it was quite hot, but in the shade it was a pleasant hike.

Right at the falls starts a mountain biking trail that is supposed to challenge and excite a mountain biker.  Here is some information on the trail:

20+ miles on Mrazek trail which is 100% singletrack. From the start of Tumalo Falls there is a 1,436′ accent and 2,770 descent.  Elevation high of 6,257′ and low of 3,661′ and a max grade of 17%.  The best thing to do is drop a car at Shevlin Park TH and take a shuttle to Tumalo Falls. When you reach Happy Valley make sure to take a right over the bridge to get to Mrazek trail. From there it’s downhill!!! If you are not up for this or are new to singletrack, head over to Phil’s trail head.  Amazing beginners mountain biking.  Here is a map of Phil’s trail and the other surrounding trails that are accessible from town as well.

Phil's trail

Afterwards, since we did this on a Thursday, Munch and Music starts at 5:30 p.m. in Drake Park close to downtown. There are a couple bands and a lot of food trucks. Bring a blanket, cooler and a couple chairs. Listen to the music and take a walk along the river and enjoy the outdoors and free concert.  Bend has a lot of free outdoor events in the summer.  It gives you an opportunity to explore the city and experience the different areas and parks. You got to love a town that promotes its community to be outside.


It was the perfect day! This town has something for everyone.


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