Alaskan Cruise Day 5 – Skagway

September 4, 2016


Our third and final port was Skagway.  Skagway is the Garden City of Alaska and is located at the northern most tip of the inside passage and was the first incorporated city of Alaska.  It’s a really small town.  The main street to walk is only about 4 blocks long. Being there at the end of the season was perfect to find deals on jewelry, touristy gifts and to find a bite to eat.


We decided to do the scenic railway through the White Pass and Yukon. The stories from the conductor were very interesting. It’s amazing what people did to survive and to be a part of the gold rush.  You can read more about the railway here: White Pass Train

The train picked us up right outside the ship. So the trip starts at sea level and climbs 2,800 ft to end at the summit of White Pass. The views were so amazing and to be able to relax and enjoy every minute was the best. Being with Kevin and my parents made it all that much better.


We didn’t need passports on this trip because we did not get off the train. The cool thing about the ride was you started in the U.S., cross through a small portion of British Columbia, Canada and then ended in the Yukon Territory of Alaska.


Right outside of the ship was this wall of cruise ships and captains. The rumor is the staff of the ship does this in respect of their captain (current or retired) and the higher they climb, the more respect.


And yet another day is over. This is going way too fast.



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