Haystack Rock – Pacific City, Oregon

October 29, 2016

We decided to visit some friends that were stationed in Newport, OR.  We had been there earlier in the year and it was beautiful, but not our favorite place. We had some spare time and with Passport America it was only about $12/night with full hook ups and it was right across the road from the ocean!



We had it to ourselves and we were so lucky to get a couple days of sun on the coast! We definitely took advantage of it. There is a nice beach to go for a long long walk on just south of Newport, called South beach. The dogs loved it.


One of the places they wanted to take us to was Pacific City. A cute town with good beer and a really fun beach. We decided to make a day of it along with a stop in McMinville (wine country). We arrived late afternoon and I was immediately infatuated with it. I had wanted to come here when we were in the area before but for some reason just got a bit eh about getting there. I am so glad they pushed us in going here with them. I loved the quiet small town on the coast. I actually can’t wait to get back at some point.

So right there on the beach there is a large parking lot and a brewery/restaurant. You can order a beer and sit right on the sand looking out over the ocean. The other crazy part was you can drive right up on the beach and hang out there with your car! I was baffled. I am sure you can do this in other places but it was a first for us.


Then we were introduced to the sand hill. We, or I was not dressed to take this on, but what the hell, we were here.


It was no joke, just straight up in soft sand.


Almost there…


Then the best view ever.


On the other side there caves and areas to get closer to the water. Although, not safe at all, people were going down there.  Just watch the tide.


Getting down was much easier.


It was nothing for Redd, our friends Vizsla.


Just in time for the sunset.



If you make it this far in the blog, you will now get the best information probably of the post. There is a small wine bar in town that serves Pliny!! This hard to find beer has made it’s way to Pacific City, OR. It’s a secret, but they need your support to keep afloat. It was such a fun day! I had no expectations of the day other than just wanting to hang out with good friends. So it was extra awesome that the location turned out to be one of my favorites.

*Last note: this is not the same haystack rock that is in the goonies. That is farther north.

After this day the weather turned for the worse. Rain and rain and no sun. We still wanted to get out for another hike in the area so Kevin found another waterfall. It will never get old, plus there was supposed to be a cool suspension bridge.

The drive was longer than the hike, but it was worth getting outside and seeing something new!


This hike was very easy. It is for all levels of hiking and dog friendly!  You could continue on if you wanted but the rain was slowly coming in.


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