Hiking Pipiwai Trail, Haleakala National Park – Hawaii

Our second hike of our challenge and a new National Park! It was absolutely amazing here and being able to drive part of the Road to Hana was perfect. This park is big and it isn’t a short or easy drive to get there. After researching the park and area, I decided that Pipiwai Trail would be the best to see and it would be family friendly. We parked at the Kipahulu Visitor Center. There are two trails that you can choose from: Pipwai Trail is the main one and then Kuloa Trail.



My goal was to get to the Bamboo Forest along the Pipiwai Trail. It was a beautiful day, but a bit cloudy with some rain in the forecast. We weren’t going to let some rain get in the way of getting at least one hike in during our trip. This hike was easy to moderate. There was a bit of elevation but gradual, the well kept path made it seem easier.

The hike started at the sign and by .75 miles we came across an incredible Banyan Tree.

About a quarter mile later and a mile in you come across a bridge that looks down onto some beautiful pools! Some braver souls were jumping into the pools from the rocks. As we were hanging out it started to downpour on us!

On the other side of the bridge the bamboo forest started. We didn’t get to the actual part I wanted to get to but it was still beautiful. We didn’t know how long the rain would last and of course we were completely unprepared and we had our little niece so we turned around.

Of course, by the time we got back to the parking lot it stopped raining and the sky cleared. Total 3 miles. We decided to add on the other trail. Total 4 miles.

It was a quick 1 mile loop and the highlights are the coast and the Seven Sacred Pools at Ohe’o. They were closed while we were there due to the previous weather and safety, but we still got to see them!


1 Remember your America the Beautiful pass to get in for free. They cannot look you up, so if you forget it’s $20. Not bad and a good cause to give to, but just a reminder!

2 Bring water and snacks. The Road to Hana is long with no stops for drinks along the way. Plus it will be good to have water on the hike. (Sometimes there is a guy selling coconut water but of course he has no posted hours and another small stand with no hours and a donation restroom)


3. In the winter months check the weather before you go so you can bring what you need. Anything from a rain jacket, swimsuit or sweater. The path is good enough where you don’t need hiking boots.

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