Hiking Devil’s Hall Trail, Guadalupe Mountains National Park – Texas

March 2, 2017

A new national park for us! Guadalupe Mountains National Park was again not on our radar and so when we were able to get to the area we wanted to see it. Guadalupe Mountains National Park is a small park but has many beautiful areas and a lot of hiking. Its claim to fame, it contains the highest peak in Texas: Guadalupe Peak.

First inhabited 10,000 years ago, this area has gone through many changes. The Spanish to the Apaches and then the new Americans. In the 1850s as people moved west Butterfield Overland Mail station was set up. You can still see remains of the old station at the Pine Springs Visitor Center. Their point of reference on their travels was El Capitan. It wasn’t until 1972 that this area became a national park.


Continuing our challenge of 52 hikes this year, Devil’s Hall Trail would be no. 5/52!

Getting to Devil’s Hall Trail Head

Head to the visitor center off of Highway 62. You can check out the visitor center if you would like any further information. It is quite small, but the women inside are very nice. If you want to skip the visitor center follow the signs to Pine Springs Campground to the left. There is a parking lot up there and during peak season they have a booth with someone to answer further questions.


Hiking Devil’s Hall Trail

Total miles: 4 ♦ Trail: easy to moderate ♦ Elevation: 682′ ♦ Fact: Guadalupe National Park was established in September 30, 1972

The hike starts out on a well maintained single track trail, a very easy, but a bit rocky path.

After only a short while take a moment to take in the beautiful views of the mountains that surround you. I couldn’t believe that we were in Texas with these views.


There are a couple times during the first half of the hike before you get to the riverbed that you have to look ahead to make sure you stay on a trail. Don’t leave the trail until you get to a sign and the large riverbed.

We enjoyed the hike along the riverbed, it was fun wandering through the large boulders.


The first attraction of the hike are the stairs that you come up to. Be careful as they are steeper than they look!

Then just around the corner is Devil’s Hall! A short slot that makes you feel like you are walking down a grand hall to the end.

Know Before You Go To Hike Devil’s Hall Trail

Fees – There were no entrance stalls taking the normal $30 fee. The women at the visitor center did not ask for it either.

Shoes – I would definitely suggest some sturdy hiking shoes for this trail. As I mentioned, it starts out flat and well maintained but then the last half of it is rocks and a dry riverbed.

Food – Water, snacks and hiking poles if you are used to using them. The closest town is White City and then probably Carlsbad from the east. It is mostly shaded, but there are parts that would be very hot during the summer.

Dogs – Dogs are not allowed on any trails in this park.

Other Hikes at Guadalupe Mountains National Park

There are a few other hikes you can do starting from the Springs Mountain Campground. So if you have more time here are some other hikes!

Guadalupe Peak Trail – It’s the top of Texas! The highest peak at 8,751′. This is a strenuous hike that is very steep and 8.4 miles round trip.

The Bowl – A strenuous 9.1 mile round trip hike that hits multiple trails.

El Capitan – This trail will take you to the base of El Capitan and then to the historic Williams Ranch. It’s moderate but 11.3 miles round trip.

If you want to check out the many other hikes in the area, you can click here: Guadalupe Mountain National Park Trails

Please pack out whatever you pack in!

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