San Antonio, Texas, In A Day

San Antonio, a town in Texas that has so much history. Old missions surrounded by the modern day skyscrapers, tourists vying for the best lunch spot on the Riverwalk and a town that loves their Spurs. It is worth a stop during your travels, for as little or as long as you’d like. We had one day to explore the city and this is what we did with a couple other suggestions!

One Day in San Antonio


Start the day with a choice of multiple historic missions. Mission Concepción, Mission San Jose, Mission San Juan, and Mission Espada are all part of a National Historic Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. We decided to check out The Alamo Mission, most people know it as The Alamo. Originally called Misión San Antonio de Valero. It is not part of the National Historic Park, as it is owned by the State of Texas. A must see in my opinion if you are in the area.

Before you get there. How is your Alamo history? Mine, unfortunately, was not that good. Built in 1744, it has witnessed so much. I don’t know what I was expecting, if it should have been bigger, or smaller or I don’t know. It was beautiful and the grounds telling. Make sure to walk through the museum and follow the timeline. The great thing, it’s free! They do have donation boxes throughout the grounds.

Late Morning or Lunch:

From the Alamo it’s an easy walk to the Riverwalk. This came up on all of the lists of things to do and places to eat. The convenience from The Alamo was nice, but you will be surrounded by tourists and people in town for conventions. The long line of restaurants feel like one chain after the other with nothing unique or connected to the city. The water is not anything to look at and it is filthy.  People, water taxis and the crazy amount of birds. I love birds, but I am not a fan of people throwing food on the ground for them, having birds fly up on tables or pooping on the ground close to where I eat or potentially pooping on me while I eat! It just wasn’t the place for us.

It’s worth a walk or a short taxi ride, but we still head elsewhere for lunch.


Lunch for us was at Henry’s Puffy Taco. A signature and famous dish in the area. Not the healthiest by any means, but it sure was delicious.



We stumbled upon the Pearl District during our search for food. An up and coming area with plenty of free parking and a lot of unique and fun restaurants. So if you don’t decide to eat lunch here make sure to hold dessert. Your mission: Lorraine Bakery for a Macaron or another tasty dessert! We haven’t had these delicious of Macarons in ages! My favorite ended up being the Earl Grey, which is odd because I am a sucker for a real good caramel or strawberry Macaron! You could also dine here too, their menu seemed healthy and light. We ended up going out of our way to come back here for more Macarons before we left!


After your tasty dessert, take a walk around the area. Check out some of the other restaurants and stores. Have a cup of coffee and sit on the outside patio and people watch (while eating your second batch of Macarons). It’s dog friendly and kid friendly. If a cup of coffee isn’t right check out Pearl Brewery down the way.



If you are still in the area you will have noticed that The Pearl District has a lot to offer. Cured, Botika and Il Sogno Osteria to name a few!


Photo courtesy of Cured

What was your favorite place to eat in San Antonio?!

While you are there, please make sure to support only ethical tours.

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