Visit Crystal Crane Hot Springs in Oregon

Eastern Oregon is full of hidden gems. Crystal Crane Hot Springs is one of them. This hot spring is not near a river, or in the middle of the forest or near views of mountains. It literally is in the middle of farms in Eastern Oregon. It’s an oasis that has a hot spring pond of 9,728 ft. Crystal clear, black rock bottom and different temperatures of wonderful hot water throughout. There is no smell that you can get from some hot springs, just clear water.

This area is remote so there isn’t anything close by to do (you do have some day trips you could take. (See below) So you are definitely here for the amount of time you choose, we enjoyed a couple nights and a full day. Let’s start with the accommodations. They have multiple options from dry camping RV spots, full hook up RV spots to teepees with private soaking tubs to motel suites.

We chose their dry camping RV spot in the back. We enjoyed this as we had the most space and distance from other campers. We were able to park right next to a fresh water pond that has a walking path around it. While we rarely pay for camping spots, we felt this was worth it because it gave you free access to the hot springs your entire stay. Soak as much as you want, when you want! The pond has 24 hour access!

With check in being at exactly 3:00 pm, no exceptions unless you want to pay a fee, we checked in at exactly that time. Since you are at the office, which is right across from the pond, we took our first dip.

We then were able to go hang out at the camping spot and enjoy the walking area and views.

At night when it was pitch black out we drove back over to the pond for a night time star gazing soak. There is no light pollution, even from the hot springs soaking area. When you check in they make you sign something that they have no liability for what happens after a certain hour. So walk carefully! They are strict about their pond rules and make rounds especially when it’s dark. The big one is you can’t reach your drink while you are soaking. You have to get out of the pond and walk to your drink.

I wish we would have a better camera because the star gazing is truly magnificent here. So I highly recommend a night time dip to view the big dipper, milky way and the millions of stars and satellites across the sky.

The next best thing after the night soak is the morning soak. We stepped out at 7am to enjoy the quiet and calm of the morning and it was amazing.

This place is great all year round, but I think we may make it a winter destination. Not as busy as the summer and it’s perfect for something warm to look forward to in the winter. Here is a picture of the entire grounds.

Here are a couple day trip options:

1. Alvord Desert

2. Steens Mountain

To get more information on these hot springs go here: Crystal Crane Hot Springs

While we prefer wild hot springs, these so far have been our favorite established hot springs. We have been to established hot springs in Canada, Colorado, Oregon and California. Let us know if you have a favorite established hot springs or email us your favorite wild!

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