Hiking Juniper Gulch Trail in Oregon

To get to Juniper Gulch Trail you have to head towards the farthest eastern part of Oregon. The area is known as Leslie Gulch and it is pretty incredible. The most unique rock formations will make you think you are in Utah instead of Oregon.

Getting to Leslie Gulch to Hike Juniper Gulch Trail

The closest town to Leslie Gulch is Jordan Valley, Oregon. You can grab a bite to eat and fill up with gas, but that’s about it. Cell reception is not guaranteed and shopping for necessities is almost non existent. After leaving the town, head north on highway 95. Your turn will be within 20 minutes on Succor Creek Road.

It is at this point you should be aware that this road is not paved and can be really rough in areas. It is a 16 mile drive to the trailhead and it will take you roughly an hour if you are towing (which isn’t recommended. There was only tent camping, truck camper and van camping at Slocum Creek Campground) or in a van. OHVs and regular vehicles will have no problems at all getting around on the roads.

The road gradually gets better as you get further into Leslie Gulch.

There is a small parking lot with a sign for the trailhead along with pit toilets. The largest vehicle that could fit here is a van.

Hike Juniper Gulch Trail

Miles: 2 ♦ Elevation Gain: 400′ ♦ Trail Type: Out and Back ♦ Trail: Easy

This trail is very easy and any ability can explore this area. Dogs are welcome but be aware there are no water spots and the sand and rock can get very hot in the summer. Doggy shoes would be recommended.

The trail starts on the side without the pit toilets. You head directly towards the rocks.

There are a couple detours you can take to explore and get a couple shots of the towering rock walls.

As you keep going you will hike through slot canyons.

Once you see that there is a Y in the trail you can go either way. To the right is the slightly longer way, to the left is a hard rock climb. The actual way is to go left and then as soon as there is a rock on your right to go up that rock. Either way, this is where the elevation begins, but it is not strenuous and any ability can make it. Once you make it to the top, an incredible rock wall.

Then when you look behind you, towering rock walls.

This was my favorite spot. It looked like a hive with a bunch of little holes to sit in.

You can climb up further and find a couple caves big enough to sit in.

You can continue on and go to the top and look over and if you want go down the back side. However, we looked over this edge and another to the right while you are looking at the wall and decided that this was as far as you need to go.

This would have been a great spot for a snack or lunch or just to let the kids run around and expend some energy. You can continue on if you would like to explore more, but this is the highlight.

During the summer this area is incredibly hot. Water is a must and good shoes for rock climbing. This area is also VERY remote. You will not have cell service so either have your Garmin to contact someone if something happens. This also means LEAVE NO TRACE. You will have to pack everything out that you packed in. There is no trash service.

Stay tuned for more things to do in Leslie Gulch!

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