Visit the Grove of Titans in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park – California

Hiking to the Grove of Titans

Located in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park in Northern California, the Grove of Titans is simply unreal. The trail was closed for about 2 years (the trail going past the Grove of Titans is still closed to renovation) to build a boardwalk around the trees in the Grove of Titans. Why? A little history. Once this location was put on the internet back in 2011, it immediately gained attention. This attention didn’t end up being good attention. People came and trampled, climbed, destroyed trails, killed plants and put some of the world’s largest tree’s roots in danger of being exposed and kill the trees. It took another 8 years for the funding to come through, so now we have a man made walkway to protect the area. Please stay on the boardwalk, don’t walk up to the trees. Just enjoy them by looking at them.

Hike to the Grove of Titans

Miles: 2.5 ♦ Elevation Gain: 100′ ♦ Trail Type: Out and Back ♦ Trail: Easy

There is a small parking area at the start of the Hike to the Grove of Titans. However, do not park in any area that isn’t designated for parking. There are NO dogs allowed on this trail. Leave them in the car if it’s safe or come back another time. Don’t be that guy.

A lot of reviews say it’s a very short walk to the Grove of Titans. However, it is about a mile until you will get to the boardwalk. You will see towering trees and think you have made it or somehow missed it, but believe me, as long as you are on the trail shown above, you will not miss it.

Like this tree. We thought, surely we made it, but no.

After realizing that we were probably wrong we continued on. For being short this trail is incredibly fun and entertaining the entire time. After that tree you come upon a fallen tree, which along with the side of the hill created a short tunnel. I was able to walk straight through without ducking and I am 5’7. The tallest point on that tree, even on it’s side was about 2 times as tall as me!

Once you get through the tunnel you turn the corner and will experience an old growth forest. It was magical walking through this old forest. The fern and moss made it feel like you should see mystical creatures or fairies flying around.

After walking through the trees that you thought should be in the Grove of Titans and 1.25 miles you reach the entrance. Like I said…you can’t miss it.

Some of the largest trees in the world are here. The tallest titan in this grove is 320′, which is STILL 60 FEET shorter than Hyperion the tallest in the world at 380′. Hyperion is located in a secret location in Redwood National Park. Why secret? You read about how humans almost destroyed this area, they are not taking any chances.

You will feel how small we actually are in this world.

I think we found the largest and tallest in the grove Del Norte Titan, but it could be Lost Monarch. If its Del Norte Titan you are standing next to a tree that is 2,322 years old! The stories it must have. Check out this video!

Definitely worth the stop and the beautiful drive to get to it. I wouldn’t tow anything to the trailhead and nothing longer than 22′ as there are sharp turns, narrow slots between trees and asingle lane road.

Follow along for more bucket list spots!

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