The Best Hot Springs in Idaho

Idaho has more hot springs than I thought it would. The more you explore and really get into some of the back roads and into the forests, you will find some amazing spots to relax in crystal clear water. It is always a welcome activity after a long hike or mountain bike ride.

Idaho’s Best Hot Springs

Highway 21

Highway 21 lies just outside of Stanley, Idaho and is the quickest way back to Boise. A beautiful drive through untouched land, you will find campgrounds, trails and some of the most beautiful hot springs. As you drive along the highway you will see signs for some, others you have to do your research and others you may come across from friendly travelers along the same route. Most of the hot springs on this route have a short hike and are along a river. Some sit right along the bank of the river, right in the river or in a private tub nestled in the rock wall.

Boat Box Hot Springs to Sunbeam Hot Springs

Boat Box Hot Springs to Sunbeam Hot Springs is a stretch of road that leads north east out of Stanley, what some consider hot springs row, there are almost a dozen that are scattered along the river throughout this stretch of road. Boat Box Hot Springs and Sunbeam Hot Springs are probably the most popular. You may not find a parking spot, so keep driving and you will see signs for other hot springs with small parking lots. With any luck you will have it to yourself.

Sun Valley

Sun Valley has a hot spring that signs just outside of town to the west. Frenchman’s hot springs are popular amongst locals and tourists. There is one main pool which is this. This pool is around all year.

Then if this pool is full, you can walk up about 20 yards and there looks like there is a spot to enter the river. At that point you will have to cross the river and more pools will be there during the summer months. If you are first there you may have to build it back up but the water here is just as clear and warm as the big pool and not many decide to cross the river.

Here are a few other options that you have (we have not been to):

Rocky Canyon Hot Springs

Paradise Hot Springs

Goldbug Hot Springs

Horse Creek Hot Springs

Vulcan Hot Springs

Let us know your favorite hot spring in the comments below!

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