Haunted Hamburger – Jerome, AZ

Right below the road to the hotel is Haunted Hamburger.  It opens at 11:00 a.m. and on a Monday was full by 11:30.  They have a really nice covered patio with heaters, a full bar and a small store.  The found the food to be good for a small eatery, but not the best burgers that we’ve had.  However, the large pretzel and their shakes were amazing.  It was hard not getting two of each!  All of the servers were in great moods, knew the menu, the town, and their own stories of working in Jerome.  The patio has heaters and is glassed in, so we were protected from the wind.  It is dog-friendly as well.  There is limited parking right across the street, which we were fortunate enough to get a spot in.  We didn’t experience anything too spooky during our time there, but lunch seems like a safe time to be there. It would be easy to be spooked on those streets at night.

We would definitely suggest stopping by for an appetizer, burger, and a shake.  There were many restaurants on main street to check out as well.



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