Vancouver Island – British Columbia, CA

August 30, 2016

Vancouver Island!

We were both very excited about this tour. Kevin had been to Vancouver and the islands, I had never been there and it’s all we talked about. My parents set this tour up and bright and early we were picked up by the tour bus who whisked us away through town and then out through the country. We arrived at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal and I couldn’t believe the line of vehicles to get on the one ferry. The ferry was able to handle 250 cars and 150 vehicles the size of a tour bus. I was jealous of the people who had their RVs and were going to be touring the island. The ferry ride was about 90 minutes through the Gulf Islands.  The views were amazing.


As we sailed by all I could do was day dream about boating into one of the deserted islands and backpacking around.

As we arrived to Swartz Bay the bus drove off and we were on this amazing island. I was ready to move there.

Our first stop was Buchart Gardens.  A cement manufacturer turned gardener. The family started here in 1988 and to this day it is family run. The family was also very much into music and used to hold private concerts there, that turned into public concerts during the summer and winter.

There is RV parking, a restaurant, ice cream, coffee and a hot dog stand. Hint: skip the restaurant.  We spent about two hours there and that was plenty. It’s not large and you can see it in about an hour.  Here are some of our favorites:


Next was Victoria. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. I could see why parliament wanted to be there.  We didn’t make it in time for a tour of parliament which I was incredibly bummed about.  Click here for tour information: Parliment

The tour  only gave us an hour and fifteen minutes.  I could have done with less driving and more time there.  Some people on the cruise were really smart and they booked a night in Victoria.  Another hint: do that.  You still have plenty of time to get to the cruise the next day.

Since they wouldn’t let us into Parliament we were on a mission to find this little shack called Red Fish Blue Fish.  They were supposed to have the best fish and chips and I was still craving Halibut fish and chips.  After asking a couple people we finally located it a quarter mile away from where our bus dropped us off. It is right next to the Victoria Harbour Airport.  Us and about 20 other people before us. We waited and waited and waited and finally we got there.  Halibut fish and chips, chowder and a tuna “taco” that blew us off of our feet.  It is a MUST, no joke.


So then after the short time we had we had to hurry back to wait to get on the ferry, to see the gorgeous scenery one last time. We got back around 9:45 p.m. and HA(!), that sushi place (Miku) was still open across the street.  So as creatures of habit already in Vancouver, we went there again.  The second best thing about that place are the chocolate mints that they give. I might have taken a handful, or two. 😉


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