Alaska Cruise Day 3 – Ketchikan

I am sneaking in our day at sea, Cruise Day 2 before Ketchikan. We neglected to take a lot of pictures for some reason.

September 1, 2016

This is the first of three days at sea. We cruised through the waters of British Columbia and then ended the day going through Queen Charlotte Sound.  Even with all the activities that the ship provided we found ourselves sitting out in the chilly air to watch the scenery. It was like nothing we had ever seen before.

We did partake in some of the activities. We listened to a lecture by Mark Harris on glaciers. Global warming seems to actually be happening. Played bingo and I won!!! Watched the ships singers and dancers perform Motor City and watched Batman vs. Superman.  And of course it was our first of two formal nights. We had been carrying around a suit and dress up clothes for four and a half months for two nights. It had been awhile since we got all dolled up.


September 2, 2016


Our first port stop was Ketchikan. You could feel the history as we entered port. They have four docks for cruise ships which are conveniently located close to the shops and restaurants.



Their downtown is a short walk from each port.  The city itself is very small. It’s only 3 miles long and 3 blocks wide, but it’s jammed pack with shops, history and nature. They are known for their totem pole parks.

dsc02514They are the self proclaimed Salmon Capital of the World. You could see why after seeing the Ketchikan Creek that runs right through town. We were there late in the spawning season and there were hundreds of salmon still in the creek.

Their other nickname is Alaska’s First City since it was incorporated in 1900. Even with a population right around 8,000 people it’s  still the 5th most populated city in Alaska.



We didn’t end up doing any excursions because of the short time we were at port and my mom wanted to show us Creek Street. I would suggest if you are here to do the Misty Fjords excursions. We missed out, but heard it was amazing.

Creek Street is the historic area of the town. The street isn’t really a street but a boardwalk mounted on stilts. It was fun browsing the shops and checking out what the locals had to offer.


This was Ketchikan’s red light district for almost 50 years in the early 1900s. The most popular brothel, Dolly’s House.


You can take a quick 15 minute tour and then step outside to see Married Man’s Way, which was a trail used by her patrons to escape raids.

After a quick bite to eat it was already time to get back on the ship! We relaxed in our room for a little bit, but ventured out for bingo again (no winners here this time). Then eventually it was time to sit out on the open deck to hopefully spot some wildlife. If not, grab something warm to drink and enjoy the views.


We were lucky enough to see multiple whales. None of them did a full breach or jump, but I was still ecstatic!


And just like that it was evening with the perfect golden sunset.



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