Yoho National Park – British Columbia, Canada

We got back from the cruise and we were exhausted, but life didn’t slow down. We drove up to Anacortes, WA right after we landed in Seattle to visit family that we hadn’t seen in 10 years. They showed us some of the highlights, we did dinner in town and then a quick nights rest before we headed to Hood River, OR to meet some of our nomadic friends and meet new friends. We love meeting up with them.  It feels like we have been friends forever and we see each other randomly and at random places and a brewery or two or three are usually involved. 


Photo credit: Jeepgypsies

After a fun couple days in Hood River, we made our way to Sandpoint, ID for a couple relaxing days before we headed across the border again. Sandpoint was beautiful, we will need to go back to spend more time there, but we loved staying on Lake Pend Orielle.


On September 16, 2016 we crossed the border. It took all of 5 minutes and we were back in Canada and then another five minutes into the drive and we saw a black bear crossing the road!



We stayed at the Fairmont hot springs for a couple days and then we went to Banff a couple days earlier than we were supposed to. We were meeting friends from LA!  What an epic place.

September 21, 2016

After friends got into town we settled in and caught up. It was nice seeing familiar faces, but no resting, there was a lot to see! We decided to actually go to Yoho National Park. This park isn’t as well known as Banff or Jasper, but has a lot to offer. It was beautiful.  We chose to check out Natural Bridge first.


It was then a short drive to Emerald Lake.  There was overpriced hot chocolate, a small resort and a small paved path the majority of the lake.


The sun finally came out and the emerald…


The day this post is submitted will be an emotional day. Take a minute to breath…


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