Johnston Canyon Cave – Banff National Park, Canada

September 22, 2016

This was one of the places where I saw a picture and I HAD to go there for myself. It was almost an obsession.  This is a “secret” cave so there isn’t a trail to follow to get here, you have to really be on the look out for it. The hike to it was beautiful and fun walking along the catwalk.

Park at the Johnston Canyon Resort. From here the path is right at the entrance.  There is car and RV parking.  The lower falls takes about 20 minutes to hike to and is a very easy hike. Go through the short tunnel to be right next to the falls. You will get a little wet!


This trail is very packed on most days. It was a rainy day and we got there early so there weren’t that many people on it. The catwalks were fun after the lower falls.


Then another 30 minutes or so look to your right and you might find the secret cave.  I was so focused on finding it and finally Kevin noticed a couple people randomly walking and we found it!  We had about 25 minutes to ourselves before a small party of 4 made their way down. Those 25 minutes were magical.


I felt bad, but after finding the cave, I was ready to get back to the car. So we skipped the upper falls and after a packed lunch we headed back to the rigs. This beauty was walking through the camp ground. We watched for a little bit and then went to relax at our site.


The road to our sites.


Then all this space!


 They were the perfect spots!


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