Hike Kanarra Creek Canyon Trail – Kanarraville, Utah

I had seen multiple photos of one place on this hike. It was a beautiful waterfall with a ladder among the high walls of the canyon. But it was in Kanarraville, when would we go there and why else would we be in the area? The canyon that Kanarra Creek Canyon Trail is in is the same area as the Kolob area of Zion, but it’s not included in the park.

We ended up staying about 60 miles away, but decided it was worth it to make the drive. We chose to do this hike instead of Taylor Creek in Zion. Was it worth it? Holy cow, yes it was! This could be one of my favorite hikes, one of the most beautiful places in Utah and a hike you won’t forget.

Hike 25/52 in the challenge!

Getting close to the half way point and what a journey. We are so happy that hiking Kanarra Creek Canyon Trail will be included in this adventure! While not the most challenging, it’s one of the most beautiful!

Miles: 4 ♦ Elevation Change : 544′ ♦ Trail Type: Out and Back ♦ Trail: Easy

Hiking Kanarra Creek Canyon Trail in Kanarraville, Utah

There are two parking lots that you can choose from to park at. The first will come up on your right and then if you go a little further the next left is the second parking lot. Both have space for RVs, vans, etc. If there is an attendant there it’s $10 to park.

We parked in the second parking lot because it was closest to the trail. Take the stairs and you will come to a gate. Take a left and head up the hill.

Kanarra (1)

Kanarra (2)

When researching this hike we read in multiple reviews that it was inevitable to get wet. That it would be a fun hike through a creek. I wasn’t getting that as we walked along the gravel road, but then you finally meet up with the creek and get to walk along the side of it for a bit.

Kanarra (3)

Then it started! We hopped from rock to rock, criss-crossing the creek to stay on the path. As people would laugh, we just told them that we were delaying the inevitable. I don’t know why since it was a hot day and the water was nice and cold. I think it was just more of a challenge!

Kanarra (4)

We climbed on anything that would keep us from getting wet.

Kanarra (5)

How long would we be able to make it? Not much further. The water cold, not too deep and flowing smoothly. It wasn’t difficult to walk through which made it all that much better.

Kanarra (6)

If you want to make it to the highlight of the hike, you definitely were going to get wet, unless someone was willing to carry you, and if you wanted to make it past the highlight, then you really definitely were going to get wet.

Around a couple bends in the creek, passed some large boulders and a small waterfall you reach the opening to where the best part begins!

Kanarra (7)

The hike went from a creek flowing through trees to now a creek flowing through a slot canyon. It was mesmerizing walking through. It was stunning.

Kanarra (8)

It wasn’t even a quarter mile to the “highlight,” the place that all the pictures were of. We  didn’t get a moment for a picture because there were lines of people waiting to go up and waiting to go down. I actually thought that the hike ended here and that was it. The best was yet to come.

Kanarra (9)

When you get to the top it opens to a wider canyon and you can keep going. The water stays shallow and being back in the sun, it felt good.

Kanarra (10)

We didn’t know what existed after this point. Not many wrote about it or showed pictures, but after a short ways, you come across a waterfall. This area became quite busy when we were headed back. people with families or who couldn’t rock scramble stopped here. It was the perfect day for a swim, so get here early if you want some peace and quiet.

Kanarra (11)

After this point there is another waterfall that the only way up is using a rope to climb up rocks with a waterfall. You are climbing up wet rocks with a rock right in the middle of the waterfall. This was the only point on the trail that I was a little nervous of falling. After this point it became very quiet and we were the only ones. The slot narrowed, the water became stronger and we almost turned around. Luckily, we didn’t!

Kanarra (12)

The next area was the best part of the hike, the most beautiful, the one that took my breath away.

Kanarra (13)Kanarra (15)Kanarra (14)

You could continue on, but it was difficult getting up this slippery log with metal steps. Going back down I slipped and I still have a bruise on my leg from hitting one of the metal bars. They are definitely slippery!

This spot was magical. Maybe it was because we had it to ourselves, but I loved our time here. The water was cold, but didn’t bother us at all. Your mind was always on the waterfall.

Getting to Kanarra Creek Canyon Trail

The parking lot to get to the trail is in Kanarraville, Utah. It’s very easy to get to and has plenty of room for big rigs if you want to stop as you are driving through. Being right off of Hwy 15, it would be an easy stop at any point of the day.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 37.537201, -113.176005

Years back, local residents were getting worried about the traffic that was coming to the area. Please make sure to park in the parking lots, stay on the trail and respect the area. Pack out what you pack in, do not collect plants, rocks, etc., and do not feed animals.

Lastly, enjoy this hike but please don’t deface the rocks. By putting your initials and a heart or you love someone, doesn’t make your relationship better. You will never see it again and it definitely doesn’t mean forever.

Love to pin, use this one!

Hike Kanarra Creek Canyon Trail. Hike in Utah. Read about our amazing time on this beautiful canyon hike.


15 thoughts on “Hike Kanarra Creek Canyon Trail – Kanarraville, Utah

  1. This looks absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to hit the road so that we can head out west and experience hikes like this for ourselves! Also, major kudos to being almost halfway done with the 52 hike challenge. We just hit hike 16 this past weekend :/ looks like we will be playing a lot of catch up, though I don’t mind that one bit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would consider this hike very easy. To get to the main waterfall there is very little elevation change, you just have to be willing to get wet. Otherwise, to go past the waterfall with the ladder, you have to be able to climb a ladder and then after that there is another ladder area and rope area, but you definitely can get to the first ladder and waterfall.


  2. Your photography is spectacular, I feel like I took this hike along with you! Canyoning is my fave, can’t wait to do this for real when I make it out to Utah!


  3. Wow what a gorgeous photo! This definitely looks like the ultimate hike. I am really jealous of those who can make it! (I’m so out of shape) Beautifully photographed blog post


  4. One gorgeous day hike and thank you for the note at the end. I love that, “By putting your initials and a heart or you love someone, doesn’t make your relationship better. You will never see it again and it definitely doesn’t mean forever.” I feel that way too and about the Love Locks trend. Thank you for the great pictures.


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