An Epic Utah Road Trip

We had an amazing two months in Utah. We saw some beautiful places that we have been waiting years to get to. This state really has everything and I mean everything. From beautiful snow capped mountains, the Salt Flats, desert, Aspen forests, national parks, national monuments, canyons and the list goes on. The diversity is what makes it so great.

I know we missed a lot and I mean a lot, even with 60 days there. It was odd leaving after so much time. You start to relate, feel comfortable, understand your surroundings. I scroll through our pictures a lot and even though it was less than a month ago, the memories make me smile.

The hiking in this state is some of the best. It was a priority for us to try and get as many trails in as possible. We were in hiking heaven, nature heaven, outdoor heaven.

So, here is a recap and a visual story of our Epic Utah Road Trip and must see places in Utah.

Monument Valley

Run where Forest Gump Ran! When you are driving through, you really understand why it’s called Monument Valley.


Valley of the Gods

Check out stunning rock formations for miles. It is an incredible place to boondock and explore. Check out the Moki Dugway that is close by.


Natural Bridges National Monument

Read about our hikes through this beautiful National Monument: Natural Bridges

Bridges (2)

Canyonlands National Park

Needles District – Chesler Park (Joint Trail) via Elephant Hill

This hike was brilliant, but we were not completely prepared. Even experienced hikers can make mistakes. Read about this beautiful hike here: Chesler Park



Corona Arch

Our favorite arch in the area and it’s dog friendly! Read about our hike to this arch here: Corona Arch


Arches National Park

Delicate Arch

The most popular at sunset, it gives you a spot to sit and people watch. This was the only arch within the national park we got to. Devil’s Garden was closed and the hot weather had us leave earlier than we expected. There is a decent climb to see this arch and there will be tons of people. There is ample parking and RV parking at the trail head, making this arch popular at all hours of the day.


Capitol Reef National Park

Scenic Drive

One of the best scenic drives in a national park. We loved it! Towards the end check out the Capitol Gorge drive. An epic drive through towering canyon walls.


Sulphur Creek

This hike was full of canyons and waterfalls. Check out our time here: Sulphur Creek


Cedar Breaks National Monument

We were close to the area so we had to check it out. Keep these beautiful places safe!

Hike Challenge


Kanarra Creek Canyon Trail

This could be one of our favorite hikes in Utah. Not hard or strenuous, it’s not as busy as Zion, but was awesome. Read about our hike here: Kanarra Creek Canyon Trail


Buckskin Gulch

Start this hike at Wire Pass. This is our No. 1 hike in Utah. Hands down. Dangerous if there is any rain in the weather, it’s incredible to walk through. A couple rock scrambles and you are on your way to a flat hike through these beautiful walls. As you head back it’s a whole different hike since the sun will be hitting the walls differently. It is also dog friendly!



Best Friends Animal Society. See the Vicktory Dogs, Missouri 500 and so many animals who need a home. It’s an incredible sanctuary with more animals and unique animals that you would think.


Zion National Park

The Narrows. Start from the bottom and you do not need a permit, but you will share this hike with hundreds of others if you get too late of a start. The water was cold, but the views kept your mind off it. Just make sure not to slip!


Red Canyon in Dixie National Forest

A small section of Dixie National Forest, the red rocks and hoodoos are a sight to see! This is also where the paved bike path starts that ends at Inspiration Point in Bryce Canyon National Park.


Bryce Canyon National Park

This national park is so unique. With so much to see it was hard to decide what to do in our short time there. Read about what we did in this area here: Bryce Canyon National Park

Inspiration Point


Tropic Reservoir

When it gets hot at 7,700′, check out Tropic Reservoir to cool down. The water was a beautiful blue, the dogs loved it and it was a great place for a picnic.


Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument

The hiking in this national monument is like none other. We were bummed that we missed a lot but the ones we got to, blew us away. Read about the hikes we did here and see some teaser pictures below: Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument

Zebra Slot Canyon

All the slot canyons we did were unique, but this could have been our favorite.


Willis Creek Canyon

The perfect hike to bring the family or the pups! This is a flat hike through the wide canyons.


Peek-a-Boo Canyon

Can you tell we were having fun. This was more of a jungle gym than a slot canyon! With a climb up a 12′ wall to get in, it starts with a bang!


Spooky Canyon

This definitely got spooky for us. 10 inches to get through with no end in sight. We had to turn around.

Spooky (2)

Lower Calf Creek Falls

I love waterfalls and this was a fun find during our research of the national monument. This would also be a great hike to bring the pups. On a hot day make sure to grab booties for their paws.


Park City

We love Park City. Not just because of the beauty of the outdoors, but the small town feel, good food and free things to do. This was our last stop on our Utah road trip. Read about some of our favorite things to do here: Park City Fun


If you asked us what our favorite area or attraction was, I don’t think that we could answer. However, our favorite hike in Utah was Buckskin Gulch. The place that we definitely want to get back to would be Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument. Two places we really wish we would have made it to The Salt Flats and Pando Forest. We could not have asked for a better two months. I hope that this inspires you to go check out Utah and that some of these places are new to your bucket list!

What was your favorite spot in Utah?

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An Epic Utah Road Trip. Explore Utah. Hikes in Utah. Read about our two months exploring this beautiful state.


15 thoughts on “An Epic Utah Road Trip

  1. We live in Vermont, but Utah is my favorite state to visit. We spent a few weeks hiking and exploring a few years ago, and we’ve been trying to get back there ever since. Your photos made me miss those awesome red rocks and wide open spaces. I think Capital Reef was our favorite park – such a great place for kids and we got there during the fruit harvest in the orchard. I think it’s awesome that you spent 60 days exploring one state. I’d love to do that.


  2. Your pictures have stunned me…particularly that road leading across to the monument valley and then the beautiful landscapes. And natural rock formations. I am surely going to visit here one day

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, the amount of incredible parks and sites you got to visit is remarkable! We recently visited Sedona and it had breathtaking rock formations too, but this is a whole new level. Some of these trails look tough, but I bet it was worth it. Great images too!


  4. You guys have me all kinds of envious!! I keep telling myself, “this time next year! This time next year!” You adventures are keeping me motivated to get to Utah. Happy travels y’all!


  5. Really great story and pictures. For years I thought of Utah as barren, a never need to go there. I now know I was wrong! We will be posting a Bryce Canyon story in a couple weeks, and I am excited. Bookmarking this to share as a suggested story on our FB page next week. Thanks!!

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