Explore Park City, Utah

To end our epic stay in Utah, we decided that it would be in Park City. Park City is one of our favorite small cities in America. The beauty of the mountains, the ability to be outdoors and some really good food!

The first time we were here was October 2015 for a weekend get away before Kevin worked. We immediately fell in love. At the time the Aspens were bright yellow, there was a faint chill in the air and we had the town almost to ourselves. The weather was a bit rainy but still perfect to explore. After that we were back almost exactly a year later on our travels. We did not actually plan on being there, but we never say no when we are close. Again, the city stole our hearts and as soon as we planned on being in Utah, Park City was on our minds.

There are so many write ups about this town. Always in the top 10 of any outdoor or beautiful city list. Known for their skiing in the winter and Sundance Film Festival, but what does the summer have to offer? If you have a short stay and don’t want to miss some of the highlights, here is our list of top things to do in Park City, outdoor fun in Park City and our favorite places to eat in Park City!

Things To Do in Park City

Olympic Park

Click below for a short video of watching Olympic hopefuls train in the fall with no snow!

Fall Ski Training

Olympic Park

There is more to this than just watching people train/practice. The first thing you should do is walk through their free museum. There is a lot of cool information and artifacts to look at. Don’t be bummed if there isn’t training that day you can still zip line, tube, check out their chair lift, adventure courses and any other of their events that might happen. We were lucky to go during a day that you could just watch people train and it was free!

Main Street

Main Street is fun to walk around, window shop, eat some good food, grab a beer or find some ice cream!

PC Downtown

Check Out Banksy Street Art

I do have to admit I am a fan of Banksy and so is Park City. Even though the glass was shattered, it was put up to protect this fun street art.


Canyons Village Free Concert Series

Every Saturday evening starting in July. Bring a cooler and have a fun time dancing!

Outdoor Fun in Park City


Millennium Trail

Millenium Trail was a nice paved path to run on. You either have the option of running uphill or downhill. One point is Kimball Junction and the other can be accessed at Meadow’s Drive (Coordinates: 40.675585, -111.520166)

Multiple trails link up with this so you can pretty much run anywhere in Kimball Junction to Jeremy Ranch, Snyderville and Park City.

Glenwild Trail Loop at Spring Creek Trail Head

This was a bit rocky and there is a decent climb to the top. Glenwild Trail Loop is a 6 mile loop and almost a mile to get to it from the parking lot. It is rocky and it is a climb to the top. You can make this longer if you would like and you can make it all the way to Bad Apple Trail Head.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 40.727815, -111.536366


Mountain Biking

Park City has world class mountain biking. Some of the best in the United States!

Spring Creek Trail Head

You can access multiple trails right here. As mentioned above, you can make it all the way to Bad Apple Trail too. Glenwild Loop Trail, Stealth Trail, Blackhawk Trail, to Flying Dog Trail.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 40.727815, -111.536366

Bad Apple Trail

Just south of Spring Creek Trail Head, this was a fun area to bike. As with any trail in Park City you need to watch out for hikers and hikers with dogs. This was less popular and it has a couple one way trails.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 40.747300, -111.562052


Wasatch Crest Trail

Kevin started at the bottom for this one and climbed all the way to the top! He loved it because of the challenge, views and fun downhill. You can catch the beginning of the trail at Silver Star Resort. There is not a lot of parking so either get dropped off, go early or bike to it.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 40.659224, -111.517107


Corvair Trail 

Shuttle or drop a car there and have one at the bottom, to take this down the mountain. You can always buy the chair lift passes, but they can get expensive.  A good parking spot is: 40.606133, -111.508768. You will run into hikers and casual walkers around the area.

Water Fun

Jordanelle Reservoir

A short drive to the east of Park City is Jordanelle Reservoir. A large reservoir good for anything water related!

Dog Walking

Empire` Pass at Corvair Trail – A great place to get amazing views of Park City, Heber City and the surrounding mountains. At this small parking lot there are a couple mountain biking trail heads (Corvair) and a maintenance road that is easy to walk your dogs on.


Parking Lot Coordinates: 40.606133, -111.508768

A lot of the trails in the area are dog friendly. Unfortunately there were a lot of people who think their dogs are off leash trail dogs and they just are not, a lot of poop bags and loose poop.

It was odd that we did not do any specific hikes in the area. There are a few that are listed as top hikes to do, but we somehow didn’t do any. We were focused on running and mountain biking this time.

Places To Eat in Park City

Handle – 136 Heber Ave, Park City, UT 84060

Seriously my favorite place in Park City to eat. The food, the drinks the atmosphere. It has it all. This was their latest dish, a Mushroom and Farro Porridge. AMAZING!


Twisted Fern – 1300 Snow Creek Dr, Park City, UT 84060

Love that they have quite a few vegetarian options. Light, great quality and so delicious.

Twisted Fern

Vessle – 1784 Uinta Way, Park City, UT 84098

I kept forgetting to get pictures because I would just devour my food. Expensive, but worth it. The quality, options and taste made it worth every penny. My favorite was their tuna with beans and quinoa.

Freshies – 1897 Prospector Ave, Park City, UT 84060

Amazing Lobster Rolls and Clam Chowder. Long wait, good possibility they sold out and a high price, but delicious.


I will mention that we went to High West for a drink and we were not happy with how we were treated. I cannot drink alcohol and the bartender almost shamed the fact. Not my choice and I was still trying to be a paying customer. Too bad.

Nearby Areas


Heber City


Salt Lake City


RV Info

Park City is not the most RV friendly of towns. If the weather is good, it’s beautiful for vans and tent campers. Here is some information to hopefully help you before you get here.

Grocery Stores

Whole Foods – They are building a new location across the street in Kimball Junction, but here is the address until that: 1748 Redstone Center Dr, Park City, UT 84098

Smiths – 1725 Uinta Way, Park City, UT 84098

The Market at Park City – 1500 Snow Creek Dr, Park City, UT 84060

Walmart – 6545 N Landmark Dr, Park City, UT 84098

Fresh Market – 1760 Park Ave, Park City, UT 84060

Boondocking – There is very little boondocking within close proximity to Park City. About an hour away are a couple places where you can be surrounded by nature. Some might be a bit hard with a large rig, so do your research.

Heber Mountain – Review of Heber Mountain

Clyde Creek Road – Clyde Creek Road Review (Our review)


When we were on the top of Empire Pass near Corvair, there was an empty parking lot that did not have any signage for camping. Further down the road we saw tenters set up. It seemed if you wanted a couple nights it wasn’t a big deal if you were a tenter or had a small van, truck topper set up. (See Walmart below as well.)

Campground – There is only one in Park City. Park City RV Resort. While a decent location the quality of the park is declining. The owner doesn’t put much back into it. The “nice” spots are up top with highway noise and the “second best” is below and the “third” best even lower. Less highway noise, but not nearly as nice. Weeds, rocks and rodents. You might have some people dumping their rigs right out your front door. It sucks, but it’s not really worth the $35-$45 price tag. Even though that really isn’t the highest of prices we have seen. Plus the cheap seats are only $5 cheaper than being up top, but they have some regulations about who can be up there.

Address: 2200 Rasmussen Rd., Park City, UT 84098

Park City RV Resort: Park City RV Resort Review

Check out some of the other areas. Jordanelle State Park is close, River’s Edge at Deer Park is just a couple minutes past Jordanelle. Coalville is a 20 minute drive, Heber City is a little farther.

Dump – You can access a dump station at the RV parks. we have seen fees of $6 (Jordanelle) to $20 (Park City RV Park). I can tell you that Park City RV Resort is not monitored. So if you absolutely need to use a dump, pull on in their entrance and it’s right in front of you.

Potable Water – See Dump.

Filtered Water

Whole Foods – 1748 Redstone Center Dr, Park City, UT 84098

Smiths – 1725 Uinta Way, Park City, UT 84098


There is a Walmart in Kimball Junction of Park City and it is in a great location to go shopping at Redstone and see Olympic Park. We saw multiple rigs there, some unhitched, some with their slides outs out and others there for a couple days.

Address: 6545 N Landmark Dr, Park City, UT 84098

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Know Before You Go

Free Shuttle – This is one of the great things about this area. The free, environmentally friendly shuttle service. It is not just Park City, but has a large area it services. Check out their information here: Park City Free Shuttle

Liquor Laws – If you have never been to Utah, make sure you are aware of their liquor laws. The first time we were there Kevin bought a beer at a grocery store and after three or four he didn’t feel a thing. He looked at the can to make sure he bought what he thought he bought and he did. It was just 3.2%. The only full strength beer and liquor are at state run stores. Bars also have very strict guidelines to follow when it comes to liquor. They can only put 1.5 ounces of liquor in front of you, whether that be a tasting or a cocktail. It is strictly monitored, so don’t expect to get a little extra from the cute bartender. Don’t be surprised if at certain places a drink is made behind a curtain or not in front of you. That is part of their laws depending on what license the establishment has. There is so much more, but if you are really interested, read here: Utah Liquor Laws

Love to Pin, use this one!

Explore Park City, Utah. Read about what we did, what we suggest and why we love it here!


2 thoughts on “Explore Park City, Utah

  1. One place to be aware of to camp is “Wasatch Mountain State Park” in the nearby town of Midway/Heber City. It’s about 30 min away and is a decent campground.
    And yes the Liquor Laws pretty much suck. The Liquor store across the street from the Walmart you mentioned ion Kimball Junction is a good sized store with a good selection and a nice selection of wines and non-watery beer. Not the easiest to get into with a large rig but close to some of the bigger stores where you could park and easily walk.


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