Hiking in Ketchum (Sun Valley), Idaho

Updated 7/13/21 New Hikes and Food!

Before we visited Idaho, I never thought of it as being a beautiful state. My mind just kept thinking potatoes and the blue football field at Boise State. I wanted our adventure to be about being outdoors and hiking and I didn’t even consider researching Idaho. Because of this we were going to skip Idaho completely. I have said it many times, I know, but I am so grateful that we didn’t. We really have to thank our friends Doug and Elizabeth (Epicdetour.com). They talked us into going to Ketchum with them and by the end we didn’t want to leave. Idaho is (was) the best kept secret in the US.

What we learned while exploring Ketchum the first time was that it is all about the outdoors. What kind of hike do you want to get in? This area has it. Easy hiking trails, moderate hiking trails and hard hiking trails. Trails to lakes, through mountains and along streams. There is a hike for everyone.

But which hikes should you not miss? The following are our favorites and what we think are the best hikes in Ketchum (Sun Valley).

The Best Hikes in Ketchum (Sun Valley)

This year we realized how many lakes are in the area. Again, we didn’t expect it. The mountains hold a lot of surprises and gems. We couldn’t choose our favorite hike in Ketchum (Sun Valley), so we didn’t put them in any order. All unique and ones that we would do again and again! The best part? They are ALL Dog Friendly! Dog friendly but follow and respect the leash requirements. You are in the wild.

Norton Lakes Trail No. 135

Miles: 5 ♦ Elevation Gain : 1400′ ♦ Trail Type: Out & Back ♦ Trail: Moderate

A short hike through the forest and meadows, it’s not easy. You start climbing immediately and it doesn’t ease up until you make it to the lake. There is a small trail around the lake. If you head clockwise there is a short path to another lake. We watched dogs play in the water, trout swim by and marveled at the reflection. Secretly, this could be tied with Pioneer Cabin Trail for my favorite hike in Ketchum!

33 Norton (2)

Getting to Norton Lakes Trail No. 135

From town head north on highway 75. It’s not long in miles, but the gravel road through the woods will slow you down. It took us about 50 minutes to go about 18 miles, but it was a beautiful drive. This hike is worth every minute in the car.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 43.731018, -114.633081

Adams Gulch Loop No. 142

Miles: 6 ♦ Elevation Gain: 1,000′ ♦ Trail Type: Loop ♦ Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Close to town, this area is popular for mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners. You can get beautiful views and a decent hike or ride in. It’s popular with the locals and tourists because of the choices you have. We have done short hikes, long hikes and long mountain bike rides in this area.

Adams Gulch

Getting to Adams Gulch Loop No. 142

Head north on highway 75 for just a short while and follow the signs to Adam’s Gulch. It’s an easy drive and there is a decent size parking lot.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 43.704853, -114.388015

Kane Lake Trail No. 66

Miles: 7.5 ♦ Elevation Gain : 1700′ ♦ Trail Type: Out & Back ♦ Trail: Moderate/Hard

This hike started off very easy through the forest. Fast forward to mile two and it starts to climb, mile 2.5 it really climbs and at 3 you are wondering if it will end. The majority of the elevation is in the last mile and a half and if that wasn’t hard enough a lot of it is over rocks. As soon as you hit the top and see the lake, you realize how worth it, it was. Beautiful waterfalls that flow into the lake, the surrounding mountains and the blue and green water. This was the first lake that was TOO cold to take a dip in! There were a couple camp sites in the area and a beautiful meadow and a black sand beach.

One of the best parts of the hike other than the water falls, streams and wild flowers? There were wild raspberry bushes! They were absolutely delicious.

Kane Lake (2)

Getting to Kane Lake Trail

Head out on Sun Valley Road, which turns into Trail Creek Road. You will read on a few sites that this is a 20 minute drive. That is far from the truth. It will take at least 55 minutes from Boundary Campground on Trail Creek Road. Continue on this road until you see a sign for Kane Lake. The sign is on your left, take a hard right, you might miss the road. It’s better to have a 4×4 or high clearance but we saw a Subaru at the trail head. Be careful for pot holes, uneven lanes and cows either grazing or laying in the road!

Parking Lot Coordinates: 43.827401, -114.175285

Pioneer Cabin Trail Loop No. 122

Miles: 9 ♦ Elevation Gain: 3,110′ ♦ Trail Type: Loop ♦ Trail Difficulty: Hard

This trail has it all. Amazing views, challenging climbs, crystal clear streams and beautiful meadows. The highlight is the old ski hut at the top that people still use today. We packed a lunch, brought the dogs and had an incredible day getting lost in nature.

This trail can be done as a out and back or a loop. If you start to the left, it is a steady climb in the sun. If you start to the right, head across a small bridge and it is a hard climb shaded by trees. The trail either way is easy to stay on and locate. The trail itself is diverse from, compact dirt, slate and gravel.


Getting to Pioneer Cabin Trail Loop

Head east on Sun Valley Road which turns into Trail Creek Road. Take a right on NF-137. This is the longest stretch and it is a gravel road to the trail head. There is a small parking lot with vault toilets.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 43.739430, -114.232286

*NEW* Taylor Canyon Trail No. 324

Miles: 4 ♦ Elevation Gain: 1,300′ ♦ Trail Type: Loop ♦ Trail Difficulty: Moderate

This trail is best used in the Spring or Fall. With no real destination to this hike, you will enjoy the hundreds of Lupines in the Spring and the beautiful fall colors in the Fall. We would suggest going counter clockwise to get the best views for the longest time and the difficult uphill in the shade.

Dog and kid friendly, this hike is challenging but rewarding. It can get pretty busy as it is close to town and not that long, but don’t let the elevation gain go unnoticed before you start. The parking lot is small so please DO NOT create your own spots.


Getting to Taylor Canyon Trail

From downtown take Hwy 75 North. After about 2.5 miles turn right onto Lake Creek Road. You will see the fork in the road to veer left to the trailhead.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 43.745596, -114.360840

*NEW* Mill Lake Trail No. 136

Miles: 4 ♦ Elevation Gain: 1,200′ ♦ Trail Type: Out and Back ♦ Trail Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

One of the best places to hike or trail run where you will get thigh crushing elevation in. All of our favorite hikes are over 1,000′ in elevation gain. We love exploring the mountains and the Sawtooths are one of our favorite mountain ranges. This is definitely not for the faint of heart. The trail is hard to find at first and then it is all uphill until you reach the lake. Still family and dog friendly, we highly suggest it!


Getting to Mill Lake Trailhead

From downtown take Hwy 75 North. Keep on the lookout, but about 15 miles up is Prairie Creek Road. Take a left and follow the road until you see signs for Mill Lake Trail. There is a VERY SMALL parking lot and camping spots right there. HINT: You do have to cross the creek immediately and then head perpendicular to the creek to find the trail and the check in box. It is a bit difficult and it starts out as an old road. Here are coordinates that are on the trail: 43.804856, -114.635189.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 43.805770, -114.636022

*NEW* Baker Lake Trail No. 138

Miles: 3.6 ♦ Elevation Gain: 872′ ♦ Trail Type: Out and Back ♦ Trail Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

This is an easy hike to a beautiful lake. While we were there we only saw one other group. This would be a good one if you are trying to ease into hiking at elevation. It’s short and has a short section through wild flowers if you are there in June/July. Enjoy the views of the Sawtooths and take a dip in the lake if it’s hot!

Getting to Baker Lake Trailhead

Head north out of Ketchum on Hwy 75. You will eventually take a left only Baker Creek Road. There is a small parking lot that would fit a van size vehicle. This is also the start to Osberg Ridgeline Trail for Mountain Bikers so it can get busy. I would not tow anything back there that is too long as there is no guarantee of being able to turn around.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 43.690511, -114.654401

Other Trails in Ketchum (Sun Valley) to Explore!

Chocolate Gulch Trail No. 312

Chocolate Gulch

This trail starts at Fox Creek Trail Head. After crossing the bridge, take a right and follow it along the river. This area is popular with trail runners, people hiking with dogs and kids. Coordinates for the parking lot: 43.757655, -114.401612.

North Fork Trail No. 303

Fox Trail (2)

This trail connects Chocolate Gulch Trail with Fox Creek Trail. You get the best views from this trail but there is no water along this trail.

Fox Creek Trail No. 149

Fox Creek

You can reach this trail at two different trail heads. The first is at Lake Creek Trail Head, Coordinates: 43.728214, -114.382367. The second is at Fox Creek Trail Head, Coordinates: 43.757655, -114.401612.

Lake Creek Trail Head

There are two options of hikes here. One takes you on a climb for a view, the other is great for dogs and an easy hike along the river on double and single track. At exactly two miles it starts to climb over to Fox Creek Trail Head. This was a great turn around point for 4 miles and good enough for dogs who can’t go too far. The trail is almost entirely flat, just a couple spots where there is a little elevation and great areas to take a dip in the summer or places for dogs to get a drink.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 43.728214, -114.382367

Old Adams Gulch Road Trail to Eve’s Gulch Trail No. 146

Round trip this hike is about 14 miles. An out (uphill) and back (downhill). It’s beautiful and popular with mountain bikers because of the climb and fun downhill. A decent hike or a great trail run if you are training for elevation. There are river crossings, forests and short meadows. Mostly shaded there are some sunny spots so make sure to bring enough water. Mountain bikers are supposed to give way to hikers, but I continue to take an easy step aside for them. It is much easier and safer for us to take a second.

Parking Lot Coordinates: 43.704853, -114.388015

*NEW* Hikes that are a day trip from Ketchum

Day Trip to Galena Lodge

Galena Lodge is a great place to spend the day. From the lodge (which isn’t a lodge, but a cafe that serves breakfast and lunch) there are miles of mountain biking trails, two rivers/streams that the dogs can play in, short hiking trails and the start/end of the Harriman Trail. This trail also starts/ends at the Sawtooth National Recreation Area Headquarters. The trail is 19 miles long and from the HQ to the lodge is a gradual gain of 1,200′.

*NEW* Stanley, ID

Stanley, ID is 60 miles north of Ketchum and has some of the BEST hiking in the state, if not the US. Stay tuned for our post on the Best Hiking in Stanley. In the meantime, check out two of our favorite hikes in the area:

Alice Lake

Goat Lake

It is worth the time to head up there for a day or 2 or 3.

Food and Relaxation After Your Hike

If you come down the mountain or out of the woods and are hungry, check out Sawtooth Brewery for a beer and pretzel or A Taste of Thai for the best $9 lunch special!

Sawtooth Brewery: 631 Warm Springs Rd, Ketchum, ID 83340

A Taste of Thai: 310 South Main, Ketchum, ID

*NEW* Johnny G’s Sub Shack: 371 Washington Ave., Ketchum ID

If you need a little relaxation, I highly suggest a soak in a natural hot springs. Good for the joints or muscles or mind. The best in the area, check out Frenchman’s Hot Springs. About thirty minutes down Warm Springs Rd., there is a very small parking area and then two areas to soak. The first is right against the road and then twenty feet up cross the creek on the logs to four separate small pools of varying heat.

*Depending on the

Hot Springs

Parking: 43°38’28.5″N 114°29’23.1″W

As with any trail, please make sure to pack out what you pack in. This includes picking up after your dog. Your dog, your doodoo. With some of the easier trails, we noticed that people were not very good about this. If we want these trails to continue to be dog friendly, we must follow the only real rule there is.

Packing list

Must: Water, snacks, sun screen (summer), good hiking shoes, mosquito repellent and first aid kit. If you are bringing the pups, doggie bags, snacks & bowl.

Optional: Hiking poles, hat, knife, compass, map, chapstick and towel. If bringing the pups, doggie shoes, frisbee and goggles.

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6 thoughts on “Hiking in Ketchum (Sun Valley), Idaho

  1. I love Idaho. Nice photos in your post. Beautiful country! I’ve been through Ketchum, but have spent most time further north -hiking and camping/backpacking in the Sawtooth Range, along the Salmon River near Riggins, and along the Clearwater and Lochsa Rivers just west of Missoula, MT. And then there’s Hell’s Canyon along the Oregon/Idaho border. Lots of great places and usually no crowds… if you like that kind of thing.

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  2. What is the safety factor with wild animals in those areas? Are there bears and cougars? What is the temp like in the summer? Humid or dry heat? Were there a lot of bugs on your hikes? Many thanks !!! Great reviews!


    1. Thank you! My tips regarding wild animals is to always check the national forest or local reports. As in any forest, you can come across any of the animals you mentioned and more. Of all the times we have hiked in the area we did not come across any wildlife, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. We did not encounter bugs, but again, we went when it is hot and dry in the summer months. We have not hiked in May or June when ice is melting and it is wet (a lot of hikes have stream/river crossings). Enjoy!


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