Hike to Abiqua Falls in Oregon

Easily one of my favorite waterfalls in Oregon, that comes with an adventurous hike! With multiple review platforms trying to explain how to get to this trailhead or waterfall, you may come to the conclusion that it is hard to find. That is not the case. The case may be that it is hard to get to. With needing a 4×4 high clearance vehicle to get to the trailhead, or walking the 2 miles along a gravel road straight downhill to get there and then straight uphill on the way back. Getting to the trailhead to Hike to Abiqua Falls is not hard.

Hike to Abiqua Falls

As I mentioned before if you have a high clearance 4×4 vehicle you can park right at the trailhead. If you don’t, it doesn’t mean you miss out on this absolutely amazing waterfall. You just need to have a little more determination and go through a couple extra steps. The biggest question for people is, “where should I park and is it safe?” You take the same risks parking here that you would anywhere. For exact parking coordinates, see below. If you put Abiqua Falls into google maps, it takes you right to where parking starts, which is right after you take a right at this sign.We found a spot in large rock pit, which was good for our size, however, I think that most cars could make it another half mile or so down the road. You wills see multiple turnouts and places that it is good to park along the way. I wouldn’t go more than a mile as you will start to run into large potholes and very slippery rocks.

As you walk down the gravel road, it is literally downhill the entire way (try not to think of the walk back yet). Don’t worry, though, it is worth every step!

Even though you are walking on a gravel road, you will have beautiful lush trees surrounding you at every turn. After about two miles you will come upon the actual trailhead and where some are able to park.

This is where the fun starts! The hike to Abiqua Falls starts off following a trail through ferns and moss covered trees. It doesn’t stay this way for long, as the fun starts within about a quarter mile. The rest of the way is using ropes to guide yourself down steep, mud covered trails and scrambling over some small jagged rocks along the river.

It’s not far to the next point, but it is slow moving. Once you get to the river, take a left.

Now you have about a quarter of a mile to the falls, which you will hear before you see. Then it’s just moments until you walk into what feels like an amphitheater of colorful columned rocks and the site of the 92′ waterfall. If you dare, take a dip in the clear water, but if you are not that adventurous, take some time to enjoy a picnic or just listen to the waterfall.

Drink some water and energize the mind as now you have the walk back to the top!

This truly is one of my favorite waterfalls in Oregon. Rivaling Toketee Falls, these two waterfalls have it all.

Hike to Abiqua Falls Trail Information

There are no bathrooms or amenities near this trailhead, so plan ahead.I have read a lot of people having problems getting to the trailhead. If you put in Abiqua Falls Trailhead, it will take you right to where we parked.

Distance: 5.5 miles R/T
Elevation Gain: 1,398
Trail Type: Out and Back
Dog Friendly: Leave Fido at Home
Family Friendly: Yes, with caution
Upper Parking Area: 44.940276, -122.559038
Trailhead Parking: 44.931030, -122.567756
These coordinates may be off by just a hint, but will get you where you need to be.
Parking Fee: Free
Permits: n/a
Trailhead: 44.931030, -122.567756
Best Time: Late Spring through Fall
Access: All Year

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