Boondocking Highlights of 2020

Boondocking has become hugely popular amongst campers and rightfully so. While it is nice to plug in at an RV park every once in awhile, or have that centralized location, being in the middle of nowhere with zero people in sight, is amazing! You can take your pick too. Do you love the desert and the wide open spaces, or the forest, where you are surrounded by trees or are set along a river. If you are lucky, you can even find secluded or quiet beach camping areas!

If you want to check out where we have boondocked in the past, check out these posts: Boondocking 2016 Boondocking 2017 For specific spots that we wrote about you can check it out here: 33andfree Boondocking For updates on these areas and for reviews or to find new places on your own, we always suggest checking out: Campendium Boondocking has slightly changed for us since we switched into our Gulfstream BTouring Cruiser. It is considered a B+ van and at 22′ we can fit into a lot of new places. Urban camping has become a thing for us, which for one night is great. Here are our…

Boondocking Spots in 2020

Riffe Lake Dispersed – Glenoma, WA

Camp close to a lake and watch the hang gliders fly in. This place can be VERY busy, but fun!

Bend, Oregon

There are so many spots that are within the woods, close to no one, or everyone.  and also close to town or the mountain. Take your pick!

Leavenworth, Washington

While there is a lot of dispersed camping in the area, we found a parking lot that allowed for a couple nights within a quarter mile walk to downtown!

Redwood Bar Dispersed – Brookings Oregon

This site is right along the river and it’s beautiful. The only problem…IT IS PACKED and there is zero cell service. If you are lucky enough to get to this point and have no one here, it would be amazing. We showed up to about 100 RVs.

Idanha, Oregon


Clear Lake, Oregon


Mt. Hood, Oregon


Sisters, Oregon

Sun Valley, ID

Sun Valley/Ketchum, Idaho is one of the most amazing areas for boondocking. Within miles of town and hundreds of miles for hiking, mountain biking and paved paths. I cannot say enough good things about this area. 

Alvord Desert, Oregon

Most people think of the Salt Flats in Utah, but Oregon has it’s own unique desert floor to camp on. A place where people try to break speed records, this area has hot springs, Steens mountain range in the back ground and some fun camping.


Fields, Oregon



The one place that I will not divulge where its at, but I will give you the state. A warm and hot springs right next to your camping spot. 

Even though you are in the middle of nowhere, please respect the area and clean up after yourself. Pack out what you pack in. You have a vehicle, it’s easy enough to respect the land. Also, no matter where you are at your FIRE needs to be put OUT COLD before you leave. This is a given, especially during the late spring through fall months. Let’s keep our forests green and beautiful. LEAVE NO TRACE. Have a question about boondocking, please ask them in the comments!

Tip: All public lands have maximum stay days. The shortest we have seen is 3 days and the longest was 16 days. 

Love to pin, use this one!

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