The Best Camping Spots in the United States

Rving or Van life is all the rage right now. People are figuring out the freedom and spontaneity of exploring this way. The best thing about it is the places you can sleep or call home for 1-16 days for FREE. Some of the most beautiful spots you can find can be your backyard. A clear river running through, or elk feasting around you, or a view of a mountain peak or the vast desert. Sometimes, it can be urban camping in the city, or moochdocking at your friends house. There are so many options that it creates endless possibilities. Some of our favorite spots we have found are as follows and they are all FREE(!):

Camping in the United States

Boondocking or Dry Camping can be intimidating when you first start out. We had no clue where to look or if even when we found a place, if it really was a place you could just park your vehicle or RV on for the extended amount of days. As the years have gone on, it becomes second nature. It becomes something you would rather do than being in an RV park or you jet out on a Wednesday night to have some time in the forest. If you have any questions at all, please ask them in the comments below!

These are spots that we camped in 2021. I hope this peaks your curiosity or wanderlust.

Southern Utah

Southern Utah offers wide open spaces with magnificent views in all shades of red and orange.

Southern Arizona

Unlike Northern Arizona where there are forests, or central Arizona where there are reds in the earth, southern Arizona is brown. Even though it is wide open, it still creates a feeling of seclusion because the next group could be a mile away.

Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon holds some awesome gems. Mountains, dry lake beds, hot springs and beautiful rock formations. Dry lake bed with views of snow capped mountains? Yes please!

Eastern Oregon

Right next to the dry lake bed is an actual lake, not sure how this one survived, but beware, you will be sleeping amongst cattle!

Eastern Oregon

This may look like glamping but I can assure you it is some of the most remote camping you can find. There are no services of any kind. No trash services, hook ups, cell service, data, nothing. You are truly off grid. Having this covered picnic area felt like hitting the jackpot.

Northern California

There are a few places in Northern California that you can boondock comfortably. Most of the time, you just have to locate them on a map or research where others have stayed.

Northern California

Mt. Shasta area is absolutely beautiful for boondocking and camping. With dramatic views of Mt. Shasta everywhere, you are sure to find a place to take it all in.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe has very very limited free camping or even urban camping. When you find a place, keep it a secret!

Lake Tahoe

Sun Valley, Idaho

One of our top 5 boondocking locations in the United States is Sun Valley, Idaho. There are hundreds of spots that all offer a little something different.

Stanley, Idaho

Just up the road from Sun Valley, Idaho is Stanley. Another place in our top 5 places to boondock.

Stanley, Idaho

Stanley, Idaho

Northern Oregon

Northern Oregon is one long river. All along it are spots to turn off for the night, but beware, train tracks run this entire river as well.

Northern Oregon

Central Oregon

Central Oregon is a boondockers playground. There are so many options with all the national forests and BLM land.

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One thought on “The Best Camping Spots in the United States

  1. These are so beautiful, Kym — and so different from one another!  Love your concise descriptions. I’m so glad you are able to do this and find such pleasure in it. Love,Andy


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