Boondocking in 2022

We continue to roam around looking for the best new spots to call home. Whether it be for a night or 16, we love the change. Sometimes we are in the forest with mountain views, nestled up to a river or stream and sometimes, we are in the middle of the desert. Here are the spots that we found recently that are worthy of making it to a bucket list, or any list really. We enjoyed them all and have been back to most. We also boondocked internationally for the first time in Canada!

The Best Free Camping

Christmas Valley Sand Dunes – Oregon

I was so happy when we came across this spot. We spend a lot of time in Oregon and it took me years to finally find it. The sand dunes are fun to explore, but as a reminder, it is full of OHVs on weekends. The camping area feels like another planet, another dry planet, so remember to bring enough water and provisions.

Terrebonne, Oregon

This camping spots gives you access to a beautiful hike to a waterfall and keeps you relatively close to Smith Rock State Park. The trail along the river to the north is Steelhead Falls. During the summer there is a swimming hole and you can continue on if you want to find a secluded spot along the river. To the south along the river are tent camping spots and more beautiful hiking. It is very popular amongst fly fishermen.

Madras, Oregon

This is a great spot for a night or two. As you can see it is along the river and again a great spot for fly fishermen. As well as rafters. If you want an easy trail run along the river, then this is also your spot. It was at this spot that we learned that raccoons can swim! We saw one hanging out on the island and got worried, but learned that he could swim a short time later.

Fremont National Forest

This is a great place to come for seclusion in nature. It is not a very busy national forest but there are some beautiful camping spots. There are zero services there and you will not have cell phone service unless you have Starlink.

Ochoco National Forest, Oregon

This area is very popular amongst hunters. There are a lot of free designated camping areas. I loved it here because it was quiet on the off season and you are close to some beautiful hiking.

John Day National Monument

This are is one of the best in Oregon. It is one of Oregon’s 7 natural wonders and rightfully so. You can camp along painted hills that were created millions of years ago. Take some time to explore the area and go into Mitchell for lunch and to stock up on provisions. If you want to read more about the area: CLICK HERE

Mammoth Lakes, California

This incredible place couldn’t possibly have free camping just a half a mile out of town. It does though! We have loved Mammoth Lakes since the first time we came here in 2007. The skiing in the winter, the hiking in the summer. The hot springs year round. There is so much to do here. Don’t forget to go to the local breweries too!

Benton Crossing, California

South of Mammoth there is even more free camping and with some of the most beautiful views of snow capped mountains. A million dollar view and acreage for free. Plus, soak in a hot springs when the temperatures drop.

South Landing, California

Then even further south is more boondocking! I could have stayed int his spot for awhile, but we were on a schedule. You can walk to the lake and explore the lake and the roads surrounding the area.

Bishop, California

Bishop is very popular again for people who are looking for seclusion and to not run into people for days.

Bruneau, Idaho

This spot is right along the river and has individual spots with fire pits. Busy with fisherman, during the off season it is great. This is also a good spot to stay before checking out the Bruneau sand dunes. These dunes are the tallest sing-structured sand dune in North America and when you are driving towards it you can’t not stop and take it in from a distance.

Leaventhworth, Washington

We love Leavenworth and the cute Bavarian town. Add in stellar boondocking and one of the most beautiful hikes in the United States, it’s hard not to come here.

Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada

This was our first time boondocking in Canada and internationally!I didn’t think that we would find a spot but we did and I absolutely loved it. Close to Pemberton, which has a strenuous but short hike to three Joffre Lakes and just north of Whistler, it is centrally located but you could be anywhere.

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