Slide Rock – Sedona, Arizona

April 27, 2016

Slide Rock is a top Sedona attraction, and has been for 100 years. It gets its name from the natural water slide carved into the rock bed of Oak Creek. Although there is a parking lot, we were warned that it gets full quickly during peak times.  We decided to go on a Wednesday afternoon when we hoped the crowds were elsewhere.  It costs $10 to park your car in the lot with up to 4 people, or you can try to find street parking and walk in for $3/person to get in.  It was worth the extra $4 to have our car in the parking lot.

The park has a lot to offer besides the main attraction such as picnic areas, a volley ball court, a field to run around in, old buildings and machinery (the property used to be an old apple orchard), a market (and Pepsi vending machines), Cliff Top Trail and the river with Slide Rock.  Restrooms are plentiful as well with two up top and one right next to Slide Rock. Our timing was perfect because we had plenty of space, and were able to get pictures of Slide Rock when it was empty.  Neither of us slid down as the water is as FREEZING as people say, but a few brave people did.  You can walk along the water for a ways, climbing rocks and crossing the creek.  There is a small abandoned building along the way and some nice spots where you can stop and have a picnic or just sit along the water.  The trail above Slide Rock gives a nice aerial view, and has benches along the way including one right above Slide Rock.  If you claim that spot you can have a private place with some good people watching.  We spent about an hour at the park, but it seems to be more of a family destination.

Slide Rock

Slide Rock KymDSC00036DSC00034DSC00033DSC0003020160427_160900[1]DSC00020[1]

Old Apple Packing Shed

20160427_161214[1]Original tourist cabins on site


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