Alaskan Cruise Day 7 – College Fjord (At Sea)

September 6, 2016

Our last day of the cruise. I spent most of the day recovering from the night’s rough waters. We played bingo a couple times and then the ship made it to the College Fjord. This was our last attraction of the cruise.

The fjord is in the north of the Prince William Sound.  This was the location of the Good Friday earthquake in 1964 that is still the most powerful in U.S. History.  It is made up of multiple glaciers and if you get to a specific point you can see 8 at once.


It is our last night with our table mates. Richard and Linda from Texas and Cindy and Steve from North Carolina and of course my parents Ann and Phil from Minnesota. They were a great bunch and oh so fun!


If I can give any advice as to what to do on an Alaskan cruise, it’s to make sure to do excursions. Glacier walking, sled dog, whale watching and fishing earlier in the season. Each town port was beautiful in it’s own way, but you don’t need that much time. Make sure to explore the areas and what they have to offer. This has been the best cruise I have ever been on!


2 thoughts on “Alaskan Cruise Day 7 – College Fjord (At Sea)

  1. Been traveling with you since you left LA – love what you and Kevin are doing – living your dream! Will be doing the Alaskan cruise in reverse in May – thanks for all the tips/suggestions and great pictures. Looking forward to what’s next on your adventure. Thanks for sharing it with all of us – travel on and enjoy!


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